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Your vehicle is essentially a moving banner that is seen in parking lots, speeding on high-ways and sitting in traffic. Design of for your Vehicle Branding follows the same principals as a banner: Have a simple message and a call to action.
Call us now on 0774 408 000. Quick Brand offers the best car branding in Nairobi Kenya. We mainly specialize in professional car wrapping Kenya, vehicle branding for lorries, matatus, canters and commercial vehicles.

What is Vehicle branding

Vehicle branding is the act of covering your vehicle with graphics; it could be for aesthetic or marketing purposes. It could be a simple sticker on a vehicle or a complete vehicle wrap.
We will focus on vehicle branding for marketing purposes.

Vehicle branding goals

Every branding tries to achieve any of the two key objectives;

  1. Create awareness of the brand to people who have never heard about the business, products, and services. This is awareness focused without requesting the audience to buy or any other aggressive call to action.
  2. Reinforce your brand. This is mostly for well-known brands. The goal is to keep the brand in the customer’s mind during their next purchase. The branding could include; offers new product or services, and others.
  3. As you think through your vehicle branding, identify what you intend to achieve. Its recommended you work on fulfilling one goal BUT if you are a marketing expert, you can target more than one goal.

    Brand consistency.

    Vehicle branding is an extension of your brand. You need to be consistent in the use of brand messages and assets such as color, typeface, illustration, images or any other brand assets you have used before. Consistency makes your brand memorable to your audience.

    Unique Branding.

    You have to stand out from the crowd. To achieve this you need to look at what your competitors are doing. This will helps you differentiate yourself in the market and come up with something unique.

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